The Spanish Call on Cody Parkey’s Missed Field Goal is Unreal

By this point, everybody has seen the missed field goal by Chicago Bears’ kicker, Cody Parkey, but you haven’t seen it quite like this yet. On NBC’s Spanish speaking broadcast, the announcers unleashed a call that really made me feel the moment; not unlike the Miracle on Ice call or any of Rick Jeanneret’s legendary Sabres calls.

Now I don’t speak a lot of Spanish, pretty much just enough to introduce myself, say that I only speak a little Spanish, and understand that the street vendor in Mexico called me fat; however, while listening to this call, I feel like I understood every word. I guess you could say that football is the universal language.

I absolutely love the energy that these guys brought to the broadcast, the repeated yelling of: “No Senor!” and singing “Chicago Chicago” made me feel like they were dancing on Cody Parkey’s literal grave. No idea if the announcers were Eagles fans, but the level of excitement that they displayed in the heat of one of the worst Bears moments of all time, would lead me to believe that they are. That or they are just fans of chaos, like myself. Also pretty sure I heard the words “Mo Bamba” mentioned, no idea what that is about but I love it. Of course, I could be wrong, I am working with middle school level Spanish skills here after all.

Please NBC, put these guys on the U.S. national broadcasts for the rest of the playoffs, I’ve had more than enough of Chris Collinsworth and his creep slide for a lifetime.


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