Gritty Track Reporter Stops Runaway Horse

I think Hayley Moore, a presenter for At The Races, just earned her spot in the Hall of Grit.

A race horse, named Give Em A Clump, broke free of its handlers and took off running to what look like freedom; little did Clump know that Badass Hayley Moore was just waiting to take them down. She just made this look so damn easy, fearlessly steping into Clump’s lane and staring the beast down as it charges toward her. Then she snatches the horse’s reins and lets it drag her until she forces Clump to stop. Clearly, Moore is someone that craves the grind. TV just isn’t enough for her; she need to be out the in the dirt going head to head with horses.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not fucking with a horse called Give Em A Clump; that just sounds like a codename for a British hitman. I don’t like to make guarantees but were I in Moore’s position, I guarantee that I’d be dead.

Also, if I was the GM of an NFL team, I’d call Hayley up in a second and offer her a starting defensive line job. If she can stop a runaway horse, she can stop a runningback.


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