Sports Gambling Is Coming

As you may have already heard, this morning the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This was the federal law that prohibited state authorized sports gambling except in a few places that were grandfathered in, like Nevada. This opens the door for states that want to offer sports gambling to now do so.

New Jersey was the state that started this movement and brought the case to the Supreme Court, and they will be the first ones to get up an running. Some people are saying that sports books will be ready to go for the NBA Finals which starts in just a couple weeks. New York is expected to be one of the first states after New Jersey to legalize sports betting, and that is great news for the #Gritsters. As you know, we’ve been getting pretty big into the ponies, and Dirty Dietz has gone on a few gambling benders recently, so we’re pretty ecstatic about the news. I can’t wait to see how much money we can now legally lose through gambling.

Soon to come, you’ll see Gritness Sports offering lines on our annual Turkey Bowl with prop bets like over/under total number of dislocated shoulders, how many people will wear gardening gloves, and will one of the big guys rip their pants. I’m also open throwing my beer league volleyball matches if I can get enough action on them. What a time to be alive!



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