Full Breakdown Of Bills 2018 Schedule Plus Expert Predictions

Buffalo Bills 2018 Schedule

Last night the NFL released the full regular season schedule for all 32 teams, and since its never too early to start prognosticating, lets take a look at whats in store for the Bills.


Bills 2018 September

For the second time in 3 years the Bills open the season on the road in Baltimore. You may remember that first game in 2016 as the 13-7 barn burner that it was, or you may have blocked it from your memory and I wouldn’t blame you for that. The following week Buffalo will host their home opener which is generally the most fun game to attend every year. The Chargers should be a competitive opponent and, assuming Nathan Peterman isn’t starting, it should be entertaining. The next two weeks are road games against very tough NFC North opponents, including Green Bay which should have Aaron Rodgers back and Minnesota which was in the NFC Championship game last year and now has Kirk Cousins.

September Prediction: 4-0


Bills 2018 October

The beginning of October finally brings us our second home, this time against the Titans and their new uniforms. Frankly, its ridiculous that we’ll have to wait this long for another game at the Ralph. I enjoy the early games where I can wear my cut-off Zubaz shorts instead of my full length Zubaz, but October 7th might be pushing it. Then, we’ve got another set of back to back road games against Houston and Indy. By then these games may even feature Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck, or not, who knows? Finally, we wrap up October with the highlight of the 2018 schedule, a real life prime-time home game! The last time the Bills played on Monday Night Football was against Seattle in 2016 in a game that included some insane refereeing and Tyrod Taylor actually looking like a competent QB. The last prime-time home game was also in 2016, the Thursday night home opener against the Jets where Ryan Fitzpatrick killed the Bills with almost 400 yards passing and Matt Forte rolled back the clock with 3 TDs. I wish this game wasn’t against New England but I’ll take what I can get.

October Prediction: 4-0


Bills 2018 November

The schedule gets decidedly easier in the second half of the year as the Bills get a second home game in a row against the Chicago Bears and Mitchell “Kissing Titties” Trubisky. The Bears might surprise some people this year if Trubisky can take a step forward but I still think it is a very winnable game. Week 10 is the annual road trip to the Meadowlands followed by the Bills’ Bye week. If believe that week 10 is a good time for the Bye, last year it was in week 6 which seems much too early. After the Bye we’ve got a rematch of last year’s playoff game against the Jags. I can’t wait to Duuuuval into their faces as the Bills kick the shit out of them.

November Prediction: 3-0


Bills 2018 December

In true NFL fashion we get 5 December games including 3 at home. The players will get a nice break from the Buffalo weather on their trip to Miami to start the month, but they’ll immediately lose their tans after back to back home games against the Jets and Lions. Just a wild guess, but those games are going to suck. The penultimate game of the season is once again in New England in what seems to be a new annual tradition. By this time the Pats might be resting their starters so you never know what might happen. Finally, we end the regular season against the fair weather Dolphins who will no doubt have fired Adam Gase by then.

December Prediction: 5-0

2018 Regular Season Prediction: 16-0

That’s right, you read it here first. The Bills will go undefeated in 2018. If your opponents don’t know who your quarterback will be then its impossible for them to game plan against. Fuck off Rodak.


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