I’m Terrified of this Robot Bat

This morning, I awoke to a Twitter notification from my dear friend, Scully. I wondered with excitement what he had shared with us this time. However, when I looked at the tweet, I found nothing but terror.

As you may know, I’m not a big fan of robots and believe that we are setting ourselves up for a robot apocalypse. Fuck the singularity! We do not need robot bats flying around, the real ones are bad enough.

Even more frightening is that robotic bats are just a small step away from robotic vampires. They will be able to suck your blood with 1000 times the efficiency of Dracula. They’ll steal your girl quicker than any vampire in Twilight. Even The Count from Sesame Street will be replaced with one of these evil bastards so that our children won’t be able to count how many robot bats are coming to kill them. Scary stuff.

Call up Ozzy Osbourne, these bats need their heads bitten off.


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