Rumors Abound That The Bills Want The First Overall Pick

I walked into work this morning ready to muddle through my job just like every other Tuesday when this tweet appeared on my timeline like a lightning bolt straight from Zeus. Rumors are flying that my Buffalo Bills want to trade up, and not just to 5 (Broncos) or even 2 (Giants) like we’ve talked about before, they want to go all the way to 1.

As the tweet states, the Bills would get the first overall pick and have their choice of available quarterbacks, the Browns would move down to the second pick in a swap with the Giants, and the Giants would fall back to the 4th pick that the Browns also owned. The big question is obviously what else goes into this trade. The Bills would need to send their 22nd pick in the first round and at least both of their second round picks or their first round pick next year to the Browns, who would probably flip one of the seconds to the Giants.

If the Browns truly plan on drafting Josh Allen then this makes a lot of sense. Drafting Allen first overall would generate a lot of criticism for the organization, but moving back and gaining draft capital would give them some cover from that critique. This move also makes sense for the Giants. If they never planned on drafting a QB this year and coveted someone like Barkley or Chubb then this is a no brainer; they still get their guy and pick up an extra pick on the second day of the draft.

The biggest risk taker in this trade is clearly Buffalo. To pull the trigger they would need to have absolute faith in their scouting and pre-draft process, and believe that only one QB in this class is worth choosing. It is tough to justify giving up 3 first round picks for one player, but if he turns out to be a franchise quarterback then I can’t complain.

To be blatantly clear, this all based on twitter rumors and could turn out to be completely baseless, but you have to love thinking about it.

Just 9 more sleeps until the NFL Draft.

P.S. Here’s what NFL “Draft Expert” Benjamin Allbright had to say:




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