Where the Hell Did William Karlsson Come From?

Something fucky has been going on all year with the NHL’s latest expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights, all season long, but I’ll dig deeper on that another time. Today, I just want to focus on Vegas forward, William Karlsson, who a couple nights ago, scored one of the most nasty goals in the history of goals.

What a cocky move by this guy. The game is tied 2-2, his team is shorthanded and he decides to shoot the puck from between his legs. A bold decision to be sure, but he pulled it off flawlessly. First he beats out former Norris trophy winner, Brent Burns, to the puck. Then he goes in alone on San Jose Sharks goalie, Matt Jones. He patiently waits for Jones to go for the poke check, then pulls it back between his legs like Borat’s sister saying “You will never get this,” and finally lifts the puck over Matt Jones’ defeated body.

So where did this guy come from? Karlsson was taken from the Columbus Blue Jackets at last year’s exemption draft. I liked the player but thought of him more as a good 3rd line center. Last year, in Columbus, he scored 6 goals and totaled 25 points in 81 games. At the time that I’m writing this, has scored 42 goals to go along with 33 assists for a total of 75 points in 79 games. He scored at least 50 more points this year! How the hell did that happen? Somebody in Columbus needs to lose their job. Fire them out of the damn cannon that they are always shooting off.

I get that he is still a younger player (25 years old), but this kind of transformation is unreal. Sure the increase role and great coaching would account for an increase in production, but something else has to be going on here. Whatever it is that is making these bums like, William Karlsson, top notch players in Vegas, it’s been great for hockey.


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