Trump vs Biden: The Fight of the Century

I normally try to avoid politics, but this morning I awoke to a tweet from the President that I just couldn’t ignore.

And of course I had to look up what started this

Absolutely electric! There is nothing like a couple of guys in their 70’s threatening to beat the shit out of each other. It’s even better that they happen to be the President and former Vice President of the United States of America.

There hasn’t been a fight this political since Rocky vs. Drago, but maybe this is just the way we will handle political debates from now on. Have a disagreement? Take it to the ring! We might as well replace Congress with a WWE style cage matches and settle Supreme Court cases in the octagon. Sure, it isn’t the most civilized way of handling our government, but at least shit will get done.

Would love to see these guys put some real stakes on a fight. Maybe they fight for the Presidency or maybe loser buys the winner an ice cream cone. Either one would get these guys jazzed up for a fight. Loser gets their head shaved would certainly be interesting as well…


So who will win?

Donald Trump-Age 71
239 lbs
Position: President
Nickname: The Donald

Joe Biden-Age 75
180 lbs
Position: Former Vice President
Nickname: Crazy Joe

Trump has a yuge advantage in age, weight, and height, but I imagine that his cardio is shit. Trump will have to back up his claim the Biden will “go down fast and hard” if he wants to win, a long fight could be risky. Trump also has some WWE experience under his belt, but I’m not sure that will translate well into a boxing match.

On the other side, I wouldn’t want to fight a guy named Crazy Joe. Biden has always seemed like a bit of a wild card. Guy has been training pretty hard as well, that right has to be fierce.

In the end I have to take the size. I’ll set Trump as the favorite at -150, and Biden at +175. Unfortunately, I would have to set the odds of America winning at a long shot of +12,000.

Who are you taking?


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