The “Blackout Bullet” of Russia

When the Russians aren’t busy getting banned from the Olympics or driving around filming with their dash cams, they are probably sitting back and enjoying some vodka. I’m out of high school, so I don’t drink the stuff very often, but if that’s what their country has decided to make their primary way to catch a buzz, so be it. Do your thing, Russia.

Today, I noticed that Hambone tagged a few friends and myself in a tweet saying “Holy Shit, boys!” The tweet was in reference to this other tweet:

So first off, anything called the ” Blackout Bullet” from Russia is probably going to be a no from me. I’m assuming that Russians pound one of these at each meal to help them blackout and forget that they do, in fact, live in Russia. Secondly, I was kind of hoping this is on the level “Chernobly” from Hot Tub Time Machine. I want my Russian vodka to be illegal and able to transport me across space and time, and with Alexey Kovalev calling this drink “The Portal to Tomorrow,” it just may.

Upon closer inspection, however, I noticed that this vodka drink, actually named “Golden Joker,” is only 40% alcohol. Of course, 40% is a good amount but is it much different than a Smirnoff Ice? I expected the Russians to be a little harder than that. Maybe the 40% actually means 60% alcohol and 50% other. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt there.

I guess the only question I have left is: when are we getting some of this stuff? I’m sure someone will have to smuggle it over here, or maybe there is some underground Russian booze black market we can find. Ultimately, I think I have to give this stuff a try, though it certainly sounds like it was over hyped.

I will be adding a “Time Travel” card, in which you have to shotgun a “Blackout Bullet,” to our CharDee MacDennis game kit.

Edit: We brought this up on The Gritcast and I was alerted to my mistake in saying Smirnoff Ice has a comparable amount of alcohol in it. I was looking at straight up Smirnoff vodka, not an Ice. Did I think that the numbers sounded off? Of course, but I stand by my take that 40% alcohol content seems low for the Russians.


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