Comeback SZN

Johnny Manziel made the rounds on the interview circuit this morning hyping his comeback attempt and as I’m sure you already know, I’M ALL IN. He appeared on Barstool’s Pardon My Take as well as Good Morning America and the main headlines are that has now been sober for a year and was also diagnosed with bipoler disorder. He is now taking medication and feels that he is a much better person and is in a better place to attempt an NFL comeback.

Manziel mentioned that he has had contact with NFL teams since the Super Bowl, and if that doesn’t work out he could play in the CFL. Currently the Hamilton Tiger-Cats own the exclusive rights to negotiate a contact with Johnny Football, but the two sides have not yet come to an agreement over contract terms. I’d love to see Johnny Football play for Hamilton, mostly because I’m lazy and Hamilton is only about an hour from my house, but I also think it would be a great opportunity for him to prove to NFL teams that he has matured and can handle the responsibilities of being a quarterback again.

On Pardon My Take, Manziel said

I will be back on a football field this year. I cannot fucking wait to do it.

I can’t wait either Johnny. Roll the highlights.

Also, turns out he wears a size 15 shoe. You know what they said, big hands, big feet, big …. Watch out Nick Foles.



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