Get This Josh Allen Talk Out Of My Face

Josh Allen Wyoming

As you may have already seen, Mel Kiper Jr. made waves by projecting Josh Allen, QB from Wyoming, to the Cleveland Browns with the 1st pick in his latest mock draft. There’s no chance in hell that Kiper actually believes this. We are still over 3 months away from the actual draft, which is taking place from April 26-28 in Dallas, and Kiper is just toying with us. I know that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to mock drafts, that they are pure speculation, but this is an affront to our intelligence.

Sure, Josh Allen is 6’5″ and 233lbs, but you can find that anywhere. Shit, President Trump is supposedly 6’3″ 239lbs. People get so enamored with tall QBs that they will talk themselves into liking anybody, just look at Brock Osweiler. Take a peak at his friggin stats, this guy is trash.


Josh Allen College Stats
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What good quarterback only completes 56% of his passes? And check this out, 1812 passing yards in his Senior season?? That’s a whopping 165 yards/game, what a stud. I expect the best college QBs to be head and shoulders above their competition. I want them to embarrass defenders and drop 500 yd/ 5 TD games on them like its nothing. Everyone says the skill difference between the NFL and college is massive, so how can you project this guy to be good when he couldn’t even score a TD against Iowa or Oregon?

A lot of people are comparing Allen to Carson Wentz, basically because they are tall white guys that played in the middle of nowhere. But even a cursory glance at the stats would show you that those are where the comparisons end.
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First of all, Wentz completed at over 62% of his passes in both seasons as a starter. Second, he threw for 1651 yds in just 7 games, good for 235 yds/game. I know this isn’t groundbreaking analytics, but just looking at the basic stats gives you a good idea that these guys aren’t the same. NFL front offices love trends, before you know it, next year they will be pumping up some tall redneck who played 7 on 7 football in Alaska.

Josh Allen is the next Jake Locker, not the next Carson Wentz, and if the Browns draft him first overall I’ll eat my shoe. -Hambone

You can take that to the bank. And if the Bills trade up for him, I’ll jump off the Peace Bridge into the frigid waters of Lake Erie.


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