The Drought

January 8th, 2000

That was the last day the the Buffalo Bills played in a playoff game. I don’t remember much about that day, after all I was just an eight year old kid. I remember sitting down in my parents basement, with my dad and his friends,to watch the Bills take on the Titans. I remember being disappointed that my favorite player, Doug Flutie, was not playing. I remember the Bills taking the lead late and starting to celebrate what we thought was a win. I remember my confusion, and the anger of those around me, when the ensuing kick off was returned for a touchdown, a play that is now know as “The Music City Miracle”. I wish I could remember more. I never thought that playoff game would be the last that I would see for at least the next seventeen years.

December 31st, 2017

I’m now a 26 year old man, a Bills season ticket holder, and more nervous than ever for a couple of football games. As I write this, we are mere hours away from the games that will decide if the Buffalo Bills finally return to the playoffs. The Bills need to first beat the Miami Dolphins, then hope for either a Ravens loss, or a Titans AND Chargers loss. It’s sad that we have to rely on other teams to lose in order to get in, but we haven’t even been this close in many years. The city of Buffalo needs a win; too often it feels like the world is against us. Sure, we drink a lot and do some stupid things at the games, but what else have we had to cheer about the past seventeen years? We have fun with what we got, but we crave that respect that we too often do not receive. It may be New Year’s Eve, but in Buffalo, that feels like an afterthought. today is the day that the Buffalo Bills potential end “The Drought.”

Hambone once told me that when he saw the Music City Miracle as a kid, he ran behind the couch and cried. If the Bills end the drought today, I may do the same thing.


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