Buffalo at Miami: Preview & Prediction

By: Nick Kobel

It has been 13 years since week 17 meant something to anybody in Orchard Park– and for the entire #BillsMafia. That season hits home for me as a lifelong Bills fan because that goes along with one of my first ever memories of watching the team; I thought that was the peak of misery. Then 12 more seasons followed and all ended up being meaningless… until this season began.


Many counted this team out before the season started. USA Today even predicted that the Bills would finish the season 4-12. I believe I speak for everyone: once the club decided to trade away top talent on both sides of the ball on the same day (Sammy Watkins to the Rams, and Ronald Darby to the Eagles), a tank season was underway. Sean McDermott had a different idea and watched his over performing team get to a 8-7 record leading into Sunday’s game against Miami.

Miami has had a very forgettable season which anyone could have seen coming when starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down before the season started with a knee injury– and in came Jay Cutler. Cutler has had a very typical year by his standards. Some games he shows his potential and leaves you questioning “Where does this guy come from?” Some games he brings us back to reality.

The first time these two teams saw each other this season was only two weeks back on Dec. 17th at New Era Field where the Bills easily got to a 24-16 victory. The Bills recorded 3 INTs on Cutler and really dominated from start to finish.

Prediction: Bills 27 Dolphins 17

There is no reason the Bills should not win this game. They have the better team on both sides of the ball and this game means a hell of a lot more to the Bills than the Dolphins(who have been eliminated from the playoffs). Look to see another strong game from running back Lesean McCoy. He was held to only 50 yards on the ground against the Fins last time they played, and I don’t believe that is in the cards again. When all is said and done, I think the Bills will do what they have to do to get into the playoffs. From here, it’s just hope that the rest of the league helps them out.

Side Note

Root for the Bengals against the Ravens on Sunday. A Ravens loss and a Bills win is the easiest way to the playoffs. If the Ravens win, the Bills need help from both the Jaguars and the Raiders to beat the Titans and the Chargers. In my opinion, that’s too much to ask. Also if the Ravens and the Titans lose then the Bills actually end up in the 5th seed, which would be best case scenario. The Bills offense against the Jags defense is something I really do not want to see in January.  

Fingers crossed… GO BILLS!


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