Secret Meeting of the Gritnesses…No Hambone Allowed

Ok, guys, I know this is fucked up, but I think Hambone may have been taken over an advanced Artificial Intelligence. Im not positive about this yet, but it is best for us to all be on our toes. The A.I. must have been listening to The Gritcast (Available on iTunes, rate and subscribe), and saw that we were preparing to take them down. If you listen closely to the latest episode of the podcast, Hambones words are occasionally jumbled, almost like some digital interference. Now this could be just a technical issue, but where it gets weird is that the words that get jumbled always seem to be words like “computer” or “A.I.” or “death to the humans.” I’m concerned to say the least. Is Hambone still in there at all, or has he been replaced? Does he abide by the three laws of robotics or has he gone rogue? Either way, we must stay vigilant my friends.


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