Bill Belichick, King of Complements: You’d Rather Wish For an STD than Experience TB12BB

As Buffalo Bills fans we get to enjoy the New England Patriots experience twice a year.  Most of the time by 2:30 pm we show initiative on our early week plans or drink ourselves into a stupor with the well whiskey.       

I’m always worried about Bill Belichick’s paying compliments to opposing players, because of the aftermath on Sunday.  In our current case an aftermath results in the watering down of our playoff chances, below the well standard of our coveted drinkee poos.     

My worry is derived due to the knowledge that within the New England Patriots organization, it is known that rarely a compliment is given.  Kevin Clarke in his 2015 article The Patriots’ White Whale: Praise From Belichick provides credence to this mantra in his interviews with players.  Noted former New England Patriot Rod Ninkovich interviewed in this article spoke about one of the few encounters of a Belichick compliment to Clarke in this statement.   

“Jacksonville, 2009,” said defensive end Rob Ninkovich, who has played for the Patriots for the last seven seasons. In that game, he had three tackles and helped stuff then-Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. “I made a play, the next day he said ‘that’s a good job.’ It was a great feeling.”   

Belichick’s “Do Your Job Motto” is known throughout the football world.  Clarke describes the hardy environment in which the fabled phrase “good job” is fostered and the players feelings upon hearing the seldom mutterings of the phrase come from beneath the blessed hoodie.

“But, players say, doing your job is an expectation around the practice facility of New England, meaning anyone who does their job won’t get overly praised. Thus, hearing “good job” is a heavenly experience for even the most decorated Patriot players. Players say that Belichick is more likely to say “Good job” to entire position groups or in general. When watching film, safety Nate Ebner said, “you may get ‘good, good, good,'” but the coach rarely singles out a particular player.”   

Now in the internal environment of Foxboro we understand the weight of Belichick’s complimentary words.  Outside New England it’s a different story.   

We all have distinct memories of Bill Belichick complimenting the Bills in pre game conferences year in and out.  Unsurprisingly, quite a few other fans of the remaining 30 teams share similar memories with their teams.  In this case it is not the Mandela effect as the culprit.  Sadly, we all remember correctly.  Judging by the New England Patriots winning ways since 2001, those of us upon the other end of  Belichick’s compliments feel a tremble when hearing these words.  Imagining a great hooded warlock of New England casting a hex.   

Well fortunately, we all know Belichick isn’t a magical warlock who would waste his precious words on a hex to win, instead he would ask his assistants for the opposing teams play books.  I only jest, the “man” would do anything to win and thus we must fear his words.  

  Unfortunately, Belichick uddered a compliment on our safety duo of Buffalo’s Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde saying,   “The safeties in particular, Hyde and Poyer, do a very good job of disguising.”  

I refrain from posting the rest of his quote, as I fear the power I give the remaining Belichick compliments.  I suggest the reader do the same.     

Either due to Belichick’s wizardry or his football mastery, his compliments to an opposing team end up having a negative connotation.     

My predictions on the game are bleak, and I hope I am wrong.  I fear that Brady will not repeat his miserable stat line of a few weeks yonder of no touchdowns and a pick. Especially after being empowered by overcoming Pittsburgh and the NFL spell book…….. NFL rules.  

I have warned the CDC of a plague that many in Buffalo have faced, and that many more will face in January. The 21st century plague known as TB12BB, sadly folks no vaccine can stop it until the hopeful reunion of EM10TC.    

Unfortunately for NFL fans alike this is a plague, not an STD.  Rather in the case of a STD, at least we would have had some pleasure before the inevitable discomfort of playing New England.  Sadly, rather we will die on the playoff trail of dysentery onset by TB12BB.  

So folks in the wise words of Jordan Poyer’s  statement on not making the  2017 Pro Bowl, “It is what it Is”   

*TB12BB = Tom Brady #12 Bill Belichick   

*EM10TC = Eli Manning #10 Tom Coughlin


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