The Gritcast #13

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of The Gritcast!

This week, Dirty Dietz and Hambone discuss our very different weekends, including some tailgate and Bills talk. The ghost of Christmas Past is messing with Jeremy Kerley’s piss, the world is ending one way or another, be it the aliens or Artificial Intelligence, we find out that the Philadelphia Flyers (probably) listen to the show, and more!

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  1. You guys have to have talking points n then do your homework if you want to be taken serious. Ask yourself what ppl gain from this and why should I listen. If I wana shoot the shit I have my friends. Listen to wgrz, ESPN n other sports talk n figure out what makes them successful n then put your own twist. For instance when you spoke on diddy buying the team, anyone can have an opinion. Instead do research on the process of buying a team. Ppl like kaepernick n curry wouldn’t be majority owners,just like owning some stock doesn’t mean u call shots at the company. Once you have format, then you can add ur special sauce. I hope this is helpful


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