Pre-Bowl Game QB Rankings

Buffalo should be in the market for a QB early this upcoming draft and luckily for them, there’s plenty of options across the board. It doesn’t hurt that Buffalo has a healthy amount of draft ammunition to move up should they want the top tier talent. A lot can change throughout the draft process, whether it’s the bowl games and playoffs, the combine or the pro-days, prospects will move up and down until the day we hear their named called. There are always guys who rise up the boards that you think–who the hell is this dude and where did he play? I’m referring to a guy like Carson Wentz or Mitch Trubisky. Unless you’re some draft nut, you probably never heard of those guys until late in the season, if that. There’s also guys like Philip Rivers, who saw a steady rise late in the draft process and ended up being a franchise player. I’m going to rank the quarterbacks as I see them right now and where their current projection lies. As the process gets more involved, the projections will get tighter and more accurate, especially on the later guys.

Josh Rosen*
Height: 6’-4” – Weight: 210
Projection: #1 Overall

Rapid Fire Take: I’ve already stated before how good I think he is. He’s the best QB in the draft right now and I don’t see how you don’t take him first overall. Cleveland has a habit of making dumb decisions, so ya never know!

Sam Darnold**
Height: 6’-4” – Weight: 225
Projection: Top 5 Pick

Rapid Fire Take: Dropped off slightly this year with all his turnovers, but I still see him as a franchise player. Any team would be happy with his tools and his character. He is the blueprint of a Sean McDermott high character guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo makes a move for him if Rosen goes #1 overall.

Baker Mayfield
Height: 6’-1” – Weight: 215
Projection: Top 15 Pick

Rapid Fire Take: Boo this man! I’m actually warming up to Mayfield as a player. He’s got characteristics that jump of the screen. He lacks the ideal size but has an above average arm. I feel some team will fall love with him and take him early. If he plays lights out in the playoffs, he’ll solidify himself into the top 10 conversation.

Lamar Jackson*
Height: 6’-3” – Weight: 205
Projection: Top 20 Pick

Rapid Fire Take: He is far and away the most athletic QB in the draft. What worries me about him is his slender frame and tendency to run so often (think RG3). Lamar has a powerful arm, capable of making NFL throws. If he goes to the right system and coaching staff, he could be this years’ Deshaun Watson.

Josh Allen*
Height: 6’-5” – Weight: 225
Projection: Late 1st – Round 2

Rapid Fire Take: If there’s a guy I don’t want to see in a Buffalo uniform, it’s Josh Allen. His level of competition scares me, as does his accuracy. He has the frame and arm strength, but his decision making is awful. He completed only 56% of his passes this year, yikes.

Jarrett Stidham**
Height: 6’-3” – Weight: 210
Projection: Round 2

Rapid Fire Take: If he declares, he could end up being a first round prospect when all is said and done. I still need to do more research on him so take my projection lightly for now. The games I have seen of him were impressive!

Ryan Finley*
NC State
Height: 6’-4” – Weight: 205
Projection: Round 2

Rapid Fire Take: His game should translate well to the pros. He makes quick decisions and possesses good pocket awareness rarely making mistakes. He had a string of 313 pass attempts without an interception. Doesn’t have elite arm strength but his accuracy makes him a NFL caliber passer capable of making all the throws.

Mason Rudolph
Oklahoma State
Height: 6’-5” – Weight: 235
Projection: Round 2

Rapid Fire Take: Comes from a system where QB’s struggle to transition to the NFL style offense. Rudolph has the ideal size, but average arm strength to go with it unfortunately. He has some issues with anticipation and reading the field. These are correctable things, but whether or not he will be able to do so is the risk you take with him, which ultimately makes him a round 2 prospect.

Drew Lock*
Height: 6’-4” – Weight: 225
Projection: Round 2-3

Rapid Fire Take: This is the guy to keep your eyes on as a late riser. He threw 43 touchdown passes this season (many against SEC defenses). Should he enter the draft he will be an interesting guy to watch. If he returns to school, he will be amongst the top QB prospects for the 2019 draft.

More to come but here is a rough ranking of the rest of the prospects:

Clayton Thorson – Northwestern

Riley Ferguson – Memphis

Will Grier – West Virginia

Mike White – Western Kentucky

Luke Falk – Washington State

Kurt Benkert – Virginia





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