We Need to Recruit Erin Olash to Help in Our Fight Against A.I.


If you have been listening to The Gritcast, you’ve likely heard Hambone and I discuss the upcoming Robot/Artificial Intelligence apocalypse. The A.I. get smarter and stronger every day. I think we may have slowed them down by killing net neutrality, but they are not yet stopped.

We need allies in this fight. The lovely Erin Olash may be just the hero we need. In the video above, Olash unleashes her hatred of A.I. on the loveable droid, BB-8, beating it with a lightsaber. Outside of The Gritcast and Will Smith in I Robot, you will never see more passion for bring down the A.I. threat, than her display. Besides her obvious skills with a lightsaber, Erin boasts a deep understanding of A.I., using video games to help understand how A.I. reacts and adapts.

We need help in our fight. Erin Olash would be a great start. 


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