Devin Hester’s Retirement Brings Back Memories

Devin Hester- David J. Phillip/Associated Press

I know I’m a little late to this, Devin Hester announced his retirement on Tuesday via Twitter, but I still feel like this needs to be shared. Hester was an absolute electric factory whenever the opposing team was dumb enough to kick in his direction. In 2006, his rookie season, he returned 2 kickoffs, 3 punts, and 1 missed field goal for touchdowns! And who could forget his touchdown return on the opening kickoff of Superbowl XLI? Coaches had to change their entire game plans to account for Hester, he was the ultimate special teams weapon.

But most of all, he inspired my favorite commercial of all time. This is for Thursday Night Football back when it was new and exciting, way before color rush and the garbage games of today. Tell me you wouldn’t pay $1,000,000 to see this situation play out.

“Like a bald eagle catching a chihuahua in a shoebox… Cackaww”

Now watch him make kickers look stupid.


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