David Leggio is Going to Carry Team USA to Olympic Gold by Flipping Nets

The 2018 Winter Olympics are a mere few months away. The NHL has selfishly decided to not allow their players to play for their countries. Team USA is in need of someone to step up and lead their team alongside former Sabres and Montreal Canadiens captain, Brian Gionta. They need look no further; a hero has risen in the German Hockey League (DEL). His name is David Leggio.

Leggio, a native of Williamsville, NY, is currently over in Germany, playing goalie for Munich EHC. Some may remember him from his stint in the Sabres organization, where he started in goal for Portland/Rochester. With Team USA needing to dig a little deeper for players this year, he has made his way onto the initial Olympic roster.

Team USA needs a gritty guy in goal, a guy that will do anything to keep the puck out of his net. Recently, for at least the second time, David Leggio has flipped his net off its moorings in order to stop play during a breakaway. 

Sure it’s a dirty move, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. If your bum team turns the puck over and sends two guys in on you all alone, why not just knock the net off? Of course there is a price to pay for this sort of trickery, a good old fashioned penalty shot. Leggio doesn’t give a shit about penalty shots. He takes a second to gather himself and then confidently denies them. This guy has the system beat. This is our goalie.

If he is going to lead us to a gold medal however, he may need to step up his antics. I’m thinking something like running out at guys like Dominik Hasek. Go from flipping nets to flipping players.


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