The Sabres Are On A Roll

Don’t look now but the Sabres have picked up points in 4 straight games! You have to go back to early January of last season to find a stretch like this, which is pathetic, but I’ll take it.

Between beer league volleyball games last night I was able to catch the 2nd period of the game against Ottawa, which happened to be when the Sabres scored all 3 of their goals. Coincidence? I think not. In the only game I’ve personally attended this year, Buffalo defeated the Capitals 3-1. Should I start a GoFundMe so that I never miss another game and the Sabres go on the most magical playoff run in the history of the NHL? I’ll take it into consideration, but here at Gritness Sports we don’t take free hand-outs. We’ve worked hard for all $.08 that this site has earned. However, if you want to slip some bitcoins in my e-wallet I think I could manage to look the other way.

And that was Hambone talking hockey, happy hump day everyone.



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