Playtime Is Over

As we rejoin our beloved Sabres coming off a game in which they ended a 3(!) game scoring drought, we take look at the standings, 16 points. Jeez, that’s not too bad for an up and coming team to have 16 points on November 5th. Oh? It’s December? Man I gotta lay off the peyote. Ok so 6-17-4, yikes, but moves are being made and the lineup is visibly shook. It’s almost as though the late night drinks and plethora of sloots at Encore just don’t do it for ya when you’re 3 points clear of 29th place, your GM is dealing deadweight, and put everybody up for sale. That’s why I’ve decided to give this rant the title it has. It’s time to finally play some fucking hockey. It’s clear, as I’m currently watching the boys play Colorado, they’re playing for their jobs. Feet are moving, checks are being finished, the passes are actually crisp(never thought I’d say that this season), there’s flow and creativity in this game. As soon as the comfort of complacency is jeopardized it turns into survival mode as nobody wants to be the next one sent to the Ontario Reign (ie: Matt Moulson)… All you can hope to do is play your ass off and stack wins, quite a tall task for this team. As for some positives? Big Dog Botterill is allowing the hardest working, best producing players in Rochester prove their worth with the Sabres, as it should be. Don’t rush me Nylander just because he’s a top pick, let him mature into the pro game without the pressure of the bright lights. I enjoy watching Hudson Fashcing and Evan Rodrigues because you can tell they’re playing every shift as though it’s their last before getting sent back to Roch. All I hope is that this type of play can be sustained. Beat the teams you ‘should’ beat like tonight and move to the next one. They’ll need a hell of a run to dig their way out of this pit but crazier things have happened. And as Jack Eichel buries the empty netter on the day Casey Mittelstadt is named to the USA world juniors preliminary roster, you have to remember, the future is still trending upwards. We’ll get there one day…. one day


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