The Big Guys

As we await the start of the Bills-Patriots game, I started to wonder how Buffalo could possibly win this game. My conclusion is to get the big guys involved in some different ways. I’m thinking about Kyle Williams as the nickel corner. Just imagine him picking off Tom Brady and going for six.  Richie Incognito strikes me as an absolutely RUTHLESS running back. The Bills could take a little something out of the Turkey Bowl playbook, and implement the “Potroast” formation with Richie and Dion Dawkins pounding the rock. As a big guy myself, I am convinced this is the only way to play football.

I figured I’d put up this video from “Highlight Heaven” to help convince Sean McDermott (Who I’m positive reads this blog and listens to The Gritcast on iTunes) to make these needed changes to the gameplan. Enjoy the calm before the storm, or if you are tailgating like Hambone and I are, enjoy the storm that’s already started.




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