Watch Out Buffalo, We’ve Got A Mad Pooper On Our Hands

Image Via Orchard Park PennySaver

According to an ad in the Orchard Park PennySaver, someone is depositing fecal matter onto the front lawns of the fine residents of O.P. The Buffalo News followed up with the Orchard Park police and found that a woman registered a complaint on November 8th:

Police received a complaint Nov. 8 from a woman on Woodview Court who said she found feces and tissue outside her home, said Orchard Park police Lt. Jason M. Schiedel. The woman who registered the complaint believes the perpetrator may be a jogger and indicated that it has happened more than once, Schiedel said.

Has the mad pooper from Colorado Springs made their way to Buffalo, or has she inspired a craze of copycats across the nation? I know I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on Sunday while I’m tailgating, you never know when the pooper might strike next. There’ only one team of crime fighters we need to call; fire up that Mystery Machine


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