The Bills Are BACK

Silvio re-enacting the Godfather-Courtesy HBO

Dirty Dietz may have buried them 3 weeks ago, but this team is back from the dead! The Bills and Chiefs pulled a Freaky Friday and now Kansas City is the team that is still in playoff position but may consider a QB change because their starter is a game manager that can’t get them over the edge. I highly recommend they make the switch to Mahomes. I’m sure he’ll play great and the internet won’t ridicule their decision at all.

Back to the Bills; their next 3 games (NE, IND, MIA) are all at home where they have played pretty well this year (except for the New Orleans debacle). They probably won’t win this week against the Patriots, but if they can take 2 out of 3, the Bills will be 8-6 with 2 games left. The last 2 games are against the Pats and Dolphins on the road, and if they can split those a 9-7 record may be good enough to make the wild card in a weak AFC.



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