Bills Back Where They Belong

In the Hunt per @YardsPerPass

Now these are the Buffalo Bills that we all know and love. Its Thanksgiving week and the Bills have assumed their rightful place in the standings: In The Hunt.

For too long this year Buffalo has been holding down a playoff spot in the projections, but now we’re back in the comfort zone of “The Hunt.” This team isn’t full of glory boys that were just going to romp through the competition and easily make the playoffs, this is a team full of grit and guts that is going to stumble in ass-backwards. They prefer it this way. This team is like a dog that needs a car to chase, don’t worry about what happens when it reaches the car, just worry about the pursuit.

P.S. Peterman stinks but Tyrod is still Tyrod, should have kept TJ Yates of Hell.


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