Anquan Boldin Is A Sandbagging SOB

Boldin at Bills Training Camp (Photo: Jamie Germano, AP)

As I opened Twitter last night to start ragging on the Dolphins who played like dog shit on Thursday Night Football, I noticed some buzz going around about Anquan Boldin. At first I was excited, with all of the injuries to Bills wide receivers, I thought that he had decided to come out of retirement to rejoin the team. After seeing that the Bills aren’t tanking and might actually have a shot at making the playoffs, I thought Boldin was hoping on the bandwagon.

I was wrong. According to Adam Schefter at ESPN, Boldin has expressed interest in playing again, but has asked permission from the Bills to seek a trade! If you don’t recall, Boldin retired partway through training camp to focus on social activism. The day after he retired, he told Sirius XM Radio “Do I feel like I can still play? Of course. My passion for the advocacy work that I do outweighs football at this point, so I’m not coming back to play for a contender or to do anything else. I’m done with the game of football.”

What a liar. He must have realized that activism doesn’t pay the bills, and nobody cares what you have to say if you don’t have the platform of the NFL as your stage. Seriously, with all of the protests going on throughout the first couple months of the season, this guy has been invisible. At the time I thought it was courageous to give up his job so that he could focus on his passion, but now it all seems pretty hollow. After just 7 weeks of the NFL season Boldin has changed his tune; he probably couldn’t have even binge watched all of Game of Thrones in that time.

What really gets me going is that he doesn’t seem interested in coming back to the team that took a chance and signed him in the off-season. The Bills are a contender and could really use a veteran presence at wide-out, but he’s spurning the team because he wants to stay close to his home in Florida. Go ahead, try catching over-throws from Jamies Winston or wounded ducks from Blake Bortles, better yet, try playing with Smokin Jay or Matt Moore. Good riddance.


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