Guest Blog: 716 and Heartbreak


Note from Dirty Dietz-

After yet another tough loss by the Buffalo Sabres, Slatts (@Cody_S71 on Twitter) asked if he could write a little something up for us. Who am I to deny a suffering Sabres fan an outlet to express their rage surrounding this team? Check out what he had to say below.


Welcome to my everlasting nightmare of being a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. I’ll start with the question,  why is it that I still love this team? Jack Eichel? Sure, this kid is an incredible talent and will be a very good for a long time and he gives me hope. BUT, this lineup is trash, plain and simple. I’ll start from the defense because I won’t waste time with goaltending. We’ve got the minion Ullmark in Roch and he looks nice. We’re attempting a rebuild 2.0 with a coach who is trying to translate a style of play, which took a Nashville team to the cup final, without a true #1 defenseman. We have a defensive core of 3’s and 4’s trying to play a puck moving high tempo push the pace type of game (Risto and Scandella 2’s).  That’s fine and dandy but you’d think maybe somebody would inform our offense that when you see a defenseman jump up in the rush, somebody has to fill that void. Literally anybody who has played hockey in their lives knows this. I’ll just bundle that into why we’ve given up SIX, 6! shorties. Get your shit together. Matt Tennyson is eating minutes on the back end, don’t know who he is? Me either, but hey maybe he’s got great character and a high motor. Everybody knows that translates to points in the NHL (Mike Weber). Our off-season defensive moves have made zero difference (93), or have been awful, looking at you 82. *deep breath* Why does our offensive strategy look like a fucking game of Atari pong being played below the goal line? In the Vegas game I watched the puck travel back and forth behind the net 6 times in one shift with ZERO shots created. I damn near puked. The only creativity in our offense comes from Eichel, and our 2 highest profile acquisitions of 90 and 21 look like a couple of dudes from the travelling Jagrs that laced up to play for the Sabres as a joke. Evander Kane and Reinhart are fine, so my solution? Put together the bar league line of 90 21 29 and let them control the puck against less experienced 3rd liners of the league then again they might get skated around all night,  like it’s not happening already. Slap 23 and 9 with the franchise and let them work some magic. 22 67 95 are going to grind against the 2’s. And BAM we’re looking at 32-45-5, if we’re lucky. But what I really don’t understand through these first 8 games is why this team looks as if they have no jump, no drive. The 3rd period in Vegas was actually fun because EVERYBODY was moving,  finishing checks, flying around. And what happened? 3 GOALS IN 10 MINUTES THAT’S WHAT. How do you not look at that tape and think ‘huh, we were really moving out there, maybe we should do that every period for every game.’ It’s just such an uninspiring brand of hockey. Sad really. Maybe they’ll figure it out, I don’t know but it’s led me to this. Ranting in my phone notes after losing to the Vancouver Canucks, SAD!




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