R.I.P. To The Greatest Trailer Park Supervisor To Ever Live, Jim Lahey

John Dunsworth, the actor that played the legendary Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys died today at the age of 71.

Jim :ahe/
Dunsworth playing Jim Lahey (Courtesy Showcase/Trailer Park Boys)

It pains me to write these words. Jim Lahey was an absolute legend, one of the best TV characters of all time in my opinion and I can’t believe he’s gone. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent during college watching the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix; I’ve probably seen every episode 5 times. When they announced that new seasons were coming out on Netflix I was so excited, it was like “The Countdown to Liquor Day.”

Everyone loves the main trio of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian, but they would be nothing without their main antagonist and foil, Jim Lahey. He’d try to shut down every hair brained, get rich quick scheme that the boys could come up with, but he had this disarming personality that really made you root for him. Mr. Lahey was just trying to do his job and stop the trailer park from going to shit, all while running around with his best friend/lover Randy Bo Bandy.

I want to sum up the best of Mr. Lahey but there are so many great moments, I feel like I’m staring into the Shit Abyss.

Maybe his most famous trait, aside from being drunk as fuck throughout the entire series, was his penchant for “shitisms.” Here are some of my favorites:

“Hear that? That’s the sounds of the whispering winds of shit.”

“When you plant shit seeds you get shit weeds”

“Never cry shit wolf”

“Randy I thought we agree? No more shit talk until we’re back in power.”

“You see that Randy? A goddamn shit apple driving the shitmobile.”

“Get your shit basket out we’re about to start harvesting.”

“You feel that Randy, the way the shit clings to the air? Its already started, the shit blizzard.”

Here’s a great super cut of a bunch of them:

Maybe his most famous speech right here:

Mr. Lahey- I got $100 here for groceries, I got $1,400 here for liquor, and I got $6,000 for you to go and bail out a couple of shit puppets. We need a few more shit puppets for our play Randy and they gotta be angry shit puppets….

Randy- Mr. Lahey is this you talking or the Liquor?

Mr. Lahey- Randy, I am the liquor.

Rest in Peace Mr. Lahey, you inspired generations of college kids to let the liquor do the thinking.


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