The Vegas Golden Knights Destroy The Montreal Canadiens (On Twitter)

Fucking. Gold.

Only a couple of preseason games into their existence, and Vegas Golden Knights may be my new favorite team. With a single tweet, this team’s odds to win the Stanley Cup have just sky-rocketed. I have no idea who is running the team’s Twitter account, but they have just become the champion of every hockey fan outside of an “Original Six” city.

The Montreal Canadiens have won 10 Stanley Cups since the league expanded beyond six teams after the 1967 season; more than anyone else. Who the hell cares about the other 14 they won back when they needed to beat out just five other teams? It also helps when you have first dibs on every Quebec junior league player all the way up to 1970.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at is fuck Montreal,  fuck the way that you spell “Canadians”, and fuck those participation trophies that you won before 1967.

On a lighter note, you’re still better than Maple Leafs fans.


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