Welcome to Gritness Sports

Thanks for coming! Thomas Edison once said “90% of a man’s success in business is in perspiration,” and I think that sums up our mantra here at Gritness Sports. I’m sweating right now and all I’m doing is sitting on my couch and typing. This is a site for the average guy who keeps their pad level low and their nose to the grindstone.

As a football guy I’ve always looked up to legends like Mike Alstott, Danny Woodhead, and Wes Welker; no flash, just results. There are bigger and better funded sites out there but we’re going to carve out our own little niche of the interwebs.

At Gritness Sports we aim to provide commentary on the sports world and have good time while doing it. In the coming days and weeks Dirty Dietz and I will be fleshing out the site and starting our podcast. In the meantime, bookmark the blog and give us a follow on Twitter @GritnessSports. We are all gritnesses.


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